Biglietti Colosseum Rome


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What was once available only to a privileged few is now accessible to everybody: you only need to book!
The Underground Visit takes tourists into the most fascinating part of the Colosseum, by means of a tour through the “pulsing heart” where the gladiators and animals amassed while they waited to enter the arena.
As many as 80 lifts and hoists took men and animals up to the light, ready for combat. Careful restoration of these underground areas and sensitive use of lighting have enabled the gloomy and striking atmosphere of these areas to be recreated.

Colosseum, Museo Palatino (Palatine Museum) and Foro Romano (Roman Forum)

Admire the Colosseum, the Museo Palatino and the Roman Forum without queuing! The ticket is valid for two days from collection and allows one entry to each site.
The ticket is valid for the Colosseum, the Palatino and the Roman Forum It is now possible again to visit the third tier of the Colosseum and the underground areas, to enjoy the monument in full and to explore the various sections and fully understand not only the architectural structure but also the use of the various areas.




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